His relationship to modern world takes roots in childhood experimentations. As a child Did Morères was called “ Man of the woods” by his young friends who chose this nickname out of mischief and tenderness. The hedges of Blanchefort forest, his only “land”. He simply has to cross the street to get into his own familiar universe. A place of liberty where he can let his imagination and creativity run wild.

     TREE HEART® is his connection to the mycelian network which has never left him, this emotion that lead him to use his work as a transfer material to address us his message. A question about the link between Man and his environment.

Did Morères' plastician technique is a process between painting and sculpture.The stock of his work is made of frame, modeling and sculpture shaped on a chosen base like a canvas' stretcher. Next comes the paint which he creates from combined pigments, patinas, linseed oils; but also from zinc powder, copper, cassel earth, gold and silver leaves sometimes. Just as to sow his work... to reveal it.

He describes his creative process as a digging work for which the inventor is the architect. He is the archeologist, searching for the very WHY of his work.
His sculpture on painted canvas is the sophisticated synthesis of this digging, searching and uncovering effort. Each layer matches a moment in the history of the painting, they guide the entire work.

     His creative process often comes from the artist's dark emotions which become impregnated with a calm and peaceful transformation throughout his production. Did Morères' reverse photosynthesis absorbs the darkness and gives back its own kind of beauty. It allows us to taste the delights of a contemplative break, the senseulatity of caressing reliefs, the quietness of a beneficial emotion, a taste of freedom. Far away from the anxiety, curses, violence, sorrow, and suffering which inspired these wonders.

It is the artist's magic, him, who does not know, facing his canvas,what is going to happen. Powered by a strong energy rooted in primal emotions native from his forest.


      As it reaches its final step, Did Morères' creative process, involves an unavoidable ritual, an exhibition in the artist's home. Like a final touch, a kind of shared intimacy until maturity.

This time is necessary for Did Morères. He explains his need to live dayly with his art, to feel each squarecentimeter of investment and attachment he has for it, to be certain that it is whole, before he can let go of it.

TREE HEART® is the settlement of the way he looks at the modern world on canvas. The reflection of his emotions in the light of his own story.

TREE HEART® cannot be reduced to a subject or a channel of expression. Did Morères does not see his art as frozen, he claims he wants to explore and there is absolutely no doubt that he will suprise us again thanks to the relevance of this choice.



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