Techniques mixtes

   An irresistible desire to touch, to taste and to ... smile overwhelms you. You come then, to enter the artistic and chaotic world of David Ferreira!


   A former geometer, having long had to repress his creative energy, the young French artist brilliantly combines the mathematical rigor of his former life with the tumult of his inspiration!

In fact, the colored solids rub elbows with mathematical equations and puzzles.


   His entire work is a biography put in painting. Ferreira becomes "Toto" character of our childhood, and we discover his wife, he "Warholize" or with whom he makes the "Feast Toto" on a background of colorful balloons.

  Also, his fetish number, the 15 following various happy family events, appears on each work, as a second signature.


   This cacophony, organized and thoughtful, is today exposed all over the world: Brussels, Israel, London, Hong Kong, Milan, New York, Miami, Paris, or Toronto and Stockholm!


   Whether you like it or hate it, this resolutely personal and intimate painting can not leave you indifferent by its singular artistic identity!


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