Henri Iglesis is a Catalan artist, born into a family of passionate artisans, from which he draws his love for a job well done. His works, precisely, are of a great mastery and leave no technical details to be seen.


    Of a great lightness, seeming to float, the sculptures of Henri Iglesis drag us into a joyous and colorful universe. The clean curves oppose the crumpled appearance of the sheet.

This material, the artist transcends with the invention of a surprising process that is his trademark: the blown sheet.

    From his childhood spent in the workshop of his father, fitter, Henry Iglesis holds his passion for manual labor and metals. After studies and trainings dedicated to the apprenticeship of boiler making and welding techniques, which he has been practicing for 16 years, he created several hammered sheet metal objects.

In 2008, he perfected the blown glass process and deposited it with the copyright, thus starting his career as a sculptor.

    Since then, the artist plays with the material and the colors, and we deliver sculptures that sweat a creative energy!


Henri Iglesis is presented in several galleries in France and in Europe and is part of various private and public collections.


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